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Payperpot events
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The mobile SOLUTION
that meets all your needs

Reliable. Flexible. Innovative.


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Pay differently

Manage your products, categories, your prices at your own pace and as you see fit.


Payperpot was born out of a particular need related to events.

The project consists in offering a solution to manage a large flow of sales in a short period of time during a football match. 

Our solution is deployed at the national stadium in Luxembourg in the 14 sales points of the site during certain events.

Our vision

To offer a quality product that meets the needs of our customers.

We offer an easy, affordable solution without forgetting the notion of service which is at the very heart of Paypuce's DNA.

Our strengths

With our experience as an electronic payment provider, we have all the resources to guarantee the acceptance of your payments in all sustainability. 

The development by our teams allows a continuous and adapted evolution.


Paiement sécurisé PayPerPot

Why PayPerPot?

The name of the application is the result of a Brainstorming with all the members of the team.

This one reflects our fun and innovative mindset. 

It is also an understandable name in all languages 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can talk about it again with pleasure!

I wish to be contacted

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tél : +32.787.90.200

TVA BE 0898.198.026

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Rue de Bordeaux 50,

6040 Charleroi


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tél : +32.787.90.200

TVA BE 0898.198.026

tél : +32.787.90.200

TVA BE 0898.198.026

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utilisation PayPerPot

Easy to use

Adding a product or changing a price is child's play!

Assistance PayPerPot

On-site support

We are available on site 24 hours a day. A unique service for the serenity of our customers.

Update PayPerPot

Scalable services

Regular updates with new features added.

Suivi des transactions PayPerPot

Transaction tracking 

Live monitoring of the progress of your transactions on a dedicated platform.

Made in Europe PayPerPot

A made-in solution


PayPerPot is a pure Belgian product. Using a local player is a guarantee of quality and speedy service.

analyse PayPerPot

A daily barometer of your activity

You have a detailed analysis of your transactions, by type of payment but also by type of product.

For any assistance required, please contact us

POS solution
on board

Manage your products, categories, your prices at your own pace and as you see fit.

Modes of
various payments

Most payments are supported.

Cash management via QR CODE, credit cards, Apple pay, Google Pay, or  private wallet.

You will be able to accept all the most popular forms of payment on the market.


A detailed end-of-day report allows you to view at a glance the sales made, the quantities of products sold, the VAT breakdowns, the totalization by payment method, etc.


Our solution offers you new features such as the management of deposits, an adaptive display depending on use and the possibility  for you to intuitively configure the work environment.

Much more than a payment terminal

Latest events

What your customers get

Portail sécurisé PayPerPot

" Nous avons travaillé avec la solution Payperpot pour notre événement : le FCK NYE FESTIVAL (50.000 personnes) et tout s'est vraiment bien passé.
Alexandre et son équipe sont professionnels, bien préparés et ultra réactifs.
Les terminaux de paiements sont tout neufs et fonctionnent sans accroc. Je recommande vivement le service, vous pouvez foncer les yeux fermés."


Latest events
Latest events
PayPerPot Pax A50
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